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Beginning Watercolor 
Day/Time  Wednesday 2:30-5:30 
Location Tilden Arts Center Building
Session Second 6 weeks 3/22-4/26
Class Limit 10

This class will introduce beginners to drawing and perspective principles needed to complete a watercolor composition using the dry and wet-on-wet approaches. Following the class demonstration, students will work on their own paintings with the guidance of the teacher. The extended time (2:30-5:30) will give students time to set up, work, and clean up after each class. Note: The coordinator will send enrolled students a list of required materials (estimated cost:$150.) prior to the first class. Please notify the office if you do not receive a list of materials at least two weeks before the class starts.

Coordinator  Mary Lou Mack 


Mary Lou has been painting for many years. She has concentrated on watercolor since 1981 when she started taking classes at Bay Path College in Longmeadow, MA. Since then she has traveled and painted landscapes and seascapes on three continents. She has exhibited her work in galleries, one and two women shows, and juried exhibitions.




Carole King: Voice of Generations 
Day/Time  Friday 12:00-1:20 
Location C-106
Session Second 6 weeks 3/24-4/28
Class Limit 25

In this course we will explore Carole King’s music, accomplishments and legacy in and beyond the world of music. Carole speaks to generations through decades of songs, honesty, and action (for example, working to preserve the Northern Rockies wilderness). Course participants are invited to read Carole’s candid 2012 memoir, Carole King: A Natural Woman, but this is not a requirement for the course. Her memoir inspired the successful Broadway musical Beautiful.

Coordinator  Nancy Weida 


Nancy Weida is a retired university professor who began her academic career by joining an all male management department. She was the first woman to earn tenure in this department, and also the first woman to chair it. She taught quantitative analysis, operations management, and statistics, and later added courses on women in the workplace.




Masterpieces of the National Gallery London 
Day/Time Thursday 9:00-10:20 
Session12 weeks 2/2-4/27
Class Limit25

The course is based on 12 lectures by Professor Catherine B. Scallen covering the origins of the National Gallery and its collection. Additional slides will be shown and discussed.

Coordinator David Johnston and Chris Johnston 


David and Chris Johnston have collaborated on courses dealing with science and art history.




Understanding Art 
Day/Time  Thursday 12:00-1:20 
Location C-115
Session Second 6 weeks 3/23-4/27
Class Limit 16

The course will focus on the visual arts between the 16th and 20th centuries. Students will collaborate and discuss how we perceive what we see. How does art affect us? Images, history, and techniques will be addressed. There will be a few minutes of writing in every class.  

Coordinator  Suzanne Finney 


Suzanne has a BFA from George Washington University. While living in Washington, D.C., she curated international exhibitions.