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Current Events 
Day/Time  Tuesday 10:45-12:15 
Location Mashpee Senior Center
Session 12 weeks 9/12-12/5
Class Limit Limit: 21

In our class, we discuss what's happening locally, in our state, our country and around the world. Members are encouraged to participate, expressing their ideas, thoughts and opinions.

Coordinator: Rober Calzini and Dean Troxill

Robert has taught this course for many years. He is a former teacher and administrator in the U.S. and in Europe. Dean has been a participant and moderator in classes for nine years. He has a long time interest in current events, history, and sports. Above all, he encourages class participation.




Current National and International Events 
Day/Time  Thursday 3:00-4:20 
Location C-115
Session 12 weeks 9/14-12/7
Class Limit Limit: 25

Participants will be encouraged to express ideas, opinions, and points of view about national and international issues. Class members will have the opportunity to make presentations and lead discussions. We will explore breaking news and encourage active critical and analytical debate. No text required.

Coordinator: John Ward and Alan Berger

John is a UK native, has lived in Europe, Australia and Asia before settling in New York forty years ago. He is a retired international banker with an MBA and a keen interest in current events both domestic and international. Alan is a long time A.L.L. member sharing John's interest in world affairs. He has an MBA and a backround in marketing and finance.




Great Decisions 
Day/Time  Thursday 9:00-10:20 
Location C-115
Session Second 6 weeks 10/26-12/7
Class Limit Limit: 25

This Foreign Policy Association sponsored discussion course will examine issues confronting the U.S. Topics will include Nuclear Security, European Union, and Trade Policy. Time permitting, other subjects may be added. A video presentation every other week will be used in conjunction with the Great Decisions 2017 Briefing Book. The book is purchased online through the Foreign Policy Association ( for $25. Please read Nuclear Security, pp. 105-114.

Coordinator: Paul Arnold and Jim Connolly

Paul and Jim have coordinated four previous courses at A.L.L




News and the World Outside of the USA 
Day/Time  Wednesday 9:00-10:20 
Location C-106
Session 12 weeks 9/13-12/6
Class Limit Limit: 25

How do others see us? This course will focus on the importance of hearing the voices of others to help us understand our world and, perhaps, ourselves better. We will look at print and non-print news from outside of the USA such as the website We will read about their local concerns as well as about how the USA is seen through the eyes of others.

Coordinator: Arthur Pontes

Arthur retired from teaching at the Sturgis Charter Public School. He spent 45 years as a teacher, 20 of which were spent in two schools in the USA and twenty-five years in four American schools abroad.




Putin's Game Plan 
Day/Time  Tuesday 9:00-10:20 
Location C-106
Session 12 weeks 9/12-12/5
Class Limit Limit: 25

What is Vladimir Putin up to? Does he have a game plan? What is his inspiration? what is his motivation? How will he relate to the West, the Middle East, and China? We will explore these topics and more.

Coordinator: Stew Goodwin

Stew has taught many courses at A.L.L. over the last decade. Prior to that, he spent 35 years in the investment banking business.