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A Discussion of Current Events 
Day/Time  Tuesday 12:00-1:20 
Location C-115
Session 12 weeks 1/31-4/25
Class Limit 15

Class members should be ready to participate in a discussion of the happenings that occur locally, nationally, and internationally.

Coordinator  Jay LaFrance 


Jay has a lifetime interest in news and the people who create it.




Current Events 
Day/Time Tuesday 10:45-12:15 
LocationMashpee Senior Center
Session12 weeks 1/31-4/25
Class Limit18

Each week we will discuss current events in our town, state, country and the world. Participation is the key to an exciting class.

Coordinator Dr. Robert Calzini 


Dr. Calzini (Ph.D.) has been in education for four decades. He has taught in the U.S. and in Europe for the Dept. of Defense. He has taught current events in Mashpee for many years and continues to enjoy the diversity of views of a wide range of topics.




Current National and International Events  
Day/Time Thursday 3:00-4:30 
Session12 weeks 2/2-4/27
Class Limit25

Participants will be encouraged to express ideas, opinions and points of view about national and international issues. Class members will have the opportunity to make presentations and lead discussions. We will explore breaking news and encourage active critical and analytical debate. There is no text required for this class.

Coordinator Ron Glantz and Joe Werner 


Ron and Joe have been active participants in this class for many years.




Great Decisions 
Day/Time  Thursday 10:30-11:50 
Location C-115
Session Second 6 weeks 3/23-4/27
Class Limit 25

This Foreign Policy Association-sponsored discussion course will examine major foreign policy issues confronting the U.S. The issues will include China and the South China Sea, Saudi Arabia in transition, Oil and the World. A video presentation will be followed by a 10-page outline of the issue. The 2017 Great Decisions handbook can be purchased online through Great Decisions for $25.

Coordinator  Paul Arnold and Jim Connolly 


Paul and Jim have conducted this course in the Fall 2016. Paul is a past president of A.L.L.




Politics, Current Events and Other Matters from Around the World 
Day/Time Wednesday 9:00-10:20 
Session12 weeks 1/31-4/25
Class Limit25

An active discussion of politics, world events, local hoopla and other matters of interest to Cape Codders.

Coordinator Stephen R. Pastore 


Stephen is the president of the Emile Zola Society (USA) and was the only American named to the Council of Management of the Thomas Hardy Society (UK). He is a published novelist and playwright and has taught at the university level for over 30 years.




Putin's Game Plan 
Day/Time Tuesday 9:00-10:20 
Session12 weeks 1/31-4/25
Class Limit25

What is Vladimir Putin up to? Does he have a game plan? What is his inspiration? What is his motivation? How will he relate to the West, the Middle East, and China? We will explore these topics and more.

Coordinator Stew Goodwin 


Stew has taught many courses at A.L.L. over the last decade. Prior to that, he spent 35 years in the investment banking business.