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Greek and Roman Mythology 
Day/Time  Wednesday 3:00-4:20 
Location C-106
Session12 weeks 30-Jan
Limit: 25

This course will introduce the class to the primary characters and important stories of classical Greek and Roman mythology and will survey leading theoretical approaches to the understanding of classical myth. This series of 24 half-hour Great Course lectures by University of Maryland's Elizabeth Vandiver will define myth and discuss various gods and goddesses, the Trojan War, the House of Atreus, King Oedipus, female monsters, Roman fables, and Ovid. The book, Bullfinch's Mythology is not required, but is recommended as an addition to these lectures.

Coordinator: Gershen Rosenblum

Gersh is a retired clinical psychologist who has coordinated several A.L.L. courses in the past.