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Women in Literature 
Day/Time  Wednesday 12:00-1:20 
Location C-115
Session12 weeks 30-Jan
Limit: 25

This reading discussion course examines the roles, nature, and relationships of women through fiction, poetry, drama, and essays written by women. We will focus on two of the most acclaimed female writers of the 20th and 21st centuries: Alice Munro, masterful short story writer and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature for 2013, and Marge Piercy, poet, novelist, playwright, essayist, social activist, and Cape Codder! Their lives and art should give us much to examine and relate to. The texts are Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro and My Mother's Body by Marge Piercy. Both can be purchased online at Please bring both texts to the first class.

Coordinator: Elaine Horne

Elaine is a retired Professor of English and English Department Chair from Manchester Community College in Connecticut. Prior to that, she was an adjunct professor at Central Connecticut State University and Greater Hartford Community College.