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Calling all Playwrights 
Day/Time Wednesday 12:00-1:20 
SessionFirst 6 weeks 2/1-3/8
Class Limit15

This is not a playwriting class, but rather a class of playwrights. Bring your works in progress, finished pieces, new play ideas to share with other writers. Honest, but gentle feedback, and hopefully some staged readings at the end of the course. This is a great opportunity to explore and celebrate the unique perspective of the over 50 experience in theme and framework. Beginners most welcome!

Coordinator June Bowser-Barrett 


June Bowser Barrett is a Cape Cod resident, formerly of Lowell, MA. She is a member of the Merrimack Valley Playwrights and Playwrights' Platform, Boston. She was included in FEMNOIRE, the first Women's Playwriting Festival in Lowell in 2010, 2013, 2015. Her plays have been performed by Theatre with a Twist, Lexington, and Playwrights' Platform Festivals at the B.U. Walcott Theatre. Her latest full-length comedy, FAIR XCHANGE was a semi-finalist in the Neil Simon Theater's 2015 new play contest.




Films Based on Great Books 
Day/Time  Friday 10:30-11:50 
Location C-106
Session 12 weeks 2/3-4/28
Class Limit 25

This course will study modern movies that have literary content. Films will be watched independently by students outside of class and discussed during class.

Coordinator  Stephen Pastore 


Stephen is the president of the Emile Zola Society (USA) and was the only American named to the Council of Management of the Thomas Hardy Society (UK). He is a published novelist and a playwright and has taught at the university level for over 30 years.




From Page to Stage 
Day/Time Thursday 9:00-10:20 
SessionSecond 6 weeks 3/23-4/27
Class Limit25

Theater is a craft. Between "page" and "stage" a crew of craftspeople work together to make the magic the audience hopes to see when live people tell a story as its been told to audiences for three millennia. This course explains the Oz-like working behind the scenes.

Coordinator June Calender 


June Calender worked with a professional regional theatre in many capacities, including dramaturg, for 10 years. She worked in NYC as a playwright for nearly 25 years. She's never lost her awe of the talent that is needed to produce live theatre.




The Doc is In 
Day/Time  Friday 1:00-4:00 
Location Multimedia Ctr. (Wilkens Library
Session 12 weeks 2/3-4/28
Class Limit 30

These are not your mother's documentaries. Today's docs inspire, educate, elucidate and entertain. They have become so popular that there are entire film festivals devoted to them, and they are the intellectual darlings of Sundance. We screen docs on subjects as diverse as the arts, environment, science and politics, and from whimsical to sobering. Discussions are lively with opinions encompassing large points of view.

Coordinator  Lili Seely and Leslie Mathis 


Lili discovered fine film in her teens and has been in pursuit of the "great ones" ever since. She has worked or volunteered at many film festivals and art cinemas and is passionate about film as an artistic medium.




The Great Puccini Operas 
Day/Time  Monday 9:00-10:20 
Location C-115
Session First 6 weeks 1/30-3/13
Class Limit 25

Puccini composed some of the world's most popular and beloved operas, including La Boheme, Tosca, and Madama Butterfly. This course will explore these works as well as others by Puccini in video performances featuring world-renowned singers at the Met and other opera houses.

Coordinator  Steve Piontek 


Steve Piontek has been a passionate opera lover for five decades. He has previously been a coordinator for A.L.L. courses on the operas of Verdi and Mozart and the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin.




The Seven Great Operas of Mozart 
Day/Time Monday 9:00-10:20 
SessionSecond 6 weeks 3/20-5/1
Class Limit25

Mozart wrote an extraordinary amount of music in his short life. Among his very greatest compositions are his last seven operas, from Idomeneo to The Magic Flute. This course will feature the history and highlights of these masterworks, including The Marriage of Figaroand Don Giovanni, which have inspired listeners for over 200 years. A wide range of renowned Mozart singers will be featured.

Coordinator Steve Piontek 


Steve Piontek has been a passionate opera lover for five decades. He has previously been a coordinator for A.L.L. courses on the operas of Verdi and the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin.