A Message from Our President

The Academy for Lifelong Learning of Cape Cod has been making a difference to people 50 and over since 1987. If you want to take interesting courses on a wide variety of topics plus meet new people with whom to share ideas and socialize, check out the variety of information about us on this website. We offer two twelve-week semesters of six- and twelve-week courses. You will find courses about topics and subjects you are interested in such as history, climate change or film or subjects that might pique your interest to pursue something new like backgammon, bridge, or current events. Our coordinators are from all walks of life and present courses related their former occupations or an avocation or personal interest. We offer in-person classes, zoom, and hybrid courses, so there are many ways to attend.
ALL is a place to enrich your joy of learning as well as make new friends. We have many special events, including guests speakers as well as a field trip or two to the theater or other cultural events. We also offer social events so members can get to know each other better. Our suite of classrooms and office are located on the Cape Cod Community College campus. All our coordinators and board of directors are volunteers dedicated to the pursuit of continued learning and friendship. If you are looking to enrich your life and continue as a lifelong learner, ALL is for you.

Dianne Tattersall, ALL President