ALL Governance Structure and Documents

Board of Directors

ALL’s board of directors manages the business affairs and ALL’s day-to-day operation.

  • The Board has no fewer than six and no more than 15 members at any time.
  • ALL’s members elect Board members annually for staggered three-year terms.
  • Directors, officers, and chairs of active committees serve without compensation for their services.


ALL standing committees are responsible for the day-to-day operations, both social and educational. Most of the real work, ensuring the smooth running of ALL, takes place through the activities of these volunteer committees, summarized below:

  • Curriculum: Recruits coordinators, develops class schedules, and publishes the catalog.
  • Long-Range Planning: Addresses the future needs of the Academy.
  • Special Events: Plans and organizes lectures and outside events throughout the year.
  • Policies and Procedures: Maintains policies and procedures in accordance with ALL bylaws and best practices.
  • Hospitality: Plans and organizes social events for the membership.
  • Finance: Oversees the financial aspects of ALL, working with the treasurer.
  • Communications: Informs ALL members about events and programs via ALL’s newsletter, website, and social media.
  • Registration: Processes course applications, collects membership fees and confirms class enrollment.
  • The board of directors also establishes ad hoc committees, as needed, for specific tasks and projects.

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