Use of Zoom

Fall semester courses beginning in September 2023 will be taught in-person, on Zoom and in a new hybrid format that can be attended on Zoom or in-person. If you will be attending classes on Zoom and are unfamiliar with using it, we recommend viewing a video entitled Joining a Zoom Call for the First Time; Fun and Easy Online Connection, which is viewable at

Zoom Helpful Hints

Conduct yourselves as you would if you were all in the same room. These tips below help ensure the class goes smoothly for all involved:

  • Join early – up to 5 minutes before the meeting start time.
  • Have your video on unless you are experiencing connection issues.
  • Find a quiet space without interruptions or background noise.
  • If possible, have a plain background and avoid backlight from bright windows.
  • Have good lighting on your face so you can be seen clearly.
  • Adjust your camera to be at around eye level if possible – especially take note of the angle of your laptop screen if using the built-in camera.
  • Mute your microphone when not talking.
  • Try to avoid talking over / at the same time as other participants.
  • Be aware you are on camera, so try to avoid doing other tasks (checking emails, looking at your phone, etc.)
  • Use both the “mute” icon and the “leave video” icon (next to the mute icon) when eating or snacking, walking around, answering the phone, or leaving the room.
  • If you wish to ask a question or offer a comment, please raise your hand so that the coordinator can see it on-screen.