From the Curriculum Committee

Welcome to the Fall 2024 semester of the Academy for Lifelong Learning of Cape Cod. We owe a debt of gratitude to our volunteer coordinators who continue to inspire us with their knowledge, commitment, and desire to share their skills and talents with all of us. We encourage those of you with a special interest of your own to share it with us in the coming semesters. We look forward to learning together.

Registration for Fall 2024 opens on Monday, August 19th, 2024. Classes begin on Monday, September 9th, 2024. Second six-week classes begin on Tuesday, October 22nd. Please see our catalog at Course Catalog – Academy for Lifelong Learning of Cape Cod, Inc. ( and registration directions at Registration – Academy for Lifelong Learning of Cape Cod, Inc. (

If you are enrolled in a class but find that you cannot attend, please e-mail the ALL office – This will enable the coordinator to contact a person on the waiting list to take your place. We appreciate your suggestions and look forward to the new semester with great anticipation.

Miriam Kronish, Chair

ALL Curriculum Committee

Erika Beasley, Henry Tamzarian, Tim Maguire, Miriam Kronish, Roger Shoemaker, John Ward, Denise Benjamin and Clair Driscoll

Note: The views and opinions expressed in classes are those of our

 coordinators and their guest speakers and may on occasion be controversial.