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An 18th Century London Literary Tour 
Day/Time  Tuesday 12:00-1:20 
Location C-106
Session First 6 weeks 9/12-10/17
Class Limit Limit: 25

This course will be a literary guided tour by the late Wilmarth Lewis. Lewis focuses on conservative poets who endorsed the status quo but satirized the wealthy (e.g. Alexander Pope), later poets who emphasized the plight of the poor (e.g. Thomas Gray, Goldsmith), and finally poets who were influenced by the French writer, Rousseau, leading up to Romanticism (e.g., Wordsworth, Coleridge, Blake, Shelley and Keats). The class will include lecture and discussion. Students will have an opportunity to share anything they like - a memory, a book, a song, a poem, a painting.- something that has brought sunlight into their life. For the first class please read Alexander Pope, The Rape of the Lock (text at pp. 2685 to 2704). Also Pope, An Essay on Man, Epistle I (text at pp. 2714 to 2720).

Coordinator: William Painter

Bill is a retired law professor and has taught a number of ALL courses on English and American Literature such as Huckleberry Finn, Cape Cod Sea Captains, and Investments in the Gilded Age. He also taught similar courses at the Institute for Learning in Retirement, affiliated with American University in Washington, D.C. He and his wife Marion, are full time residents of Yarmouth Port.




Exploring Jumpa Lahiri's Short Stories 
Day/Time  Tuesday 10:30-11:50 
Location C-106
Session Second 6 weeks 10/24-12/5
Class Limit Limit: 25

We will read and discuss eight short stories by this acclaimed author. Lahiri focuses on characters who negotiate the world through eyes that are American but also Bengali. She subtly renders the most intricate workings of the heart and mind. We will read and then discuss one story each week. If possible, read the first story in the collection, The Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri, 2008, Vintage Contemporaries. Please come to class even if you have not read the story.

Coordinator: Anne Southworth

Anne taught English Composition, Intro to Lit, Business Communication and Children's Lit at Western New England College in Springfield, Mass. She has coordinated a number of courses at A.L.L. on a variety of subjects.




Great Books 
Day/Time  Wednesday 10:30-11:50 
Location C-115
Session 12 weeks 9/13-12/6
Class Limit Limit: 25

Great Books! Have you heard the term and wondered what it means? Sign up for this course and learn how the shared inquiry discussion method is used as we read, question and discuss selections from some of the best literary works. Using selections chosen by the Great Books Foundation, the class will reflect on a wide range of ideas. This semester, Fall 2017, we will be using the Great Books Series called Great Conversations, Volume 2, which focuses on various themes and uses selections from classic and contemporary works in various genres and disciplines. The book can be purchased online at or 800-222-5870 ext 2. Class members will be encouraged to contribute to discussions and sometimes volunteer to facilitate discussions, when and if they are comfortable. There is no assignment for the first class.

Coordinator: Mary Joyce and Mary Beth Ellis

Mary and Beth are professional teachers, constant learners and avid readers who encourage others to bring their questions and share their ideas and insights during lively discussions of the chosen readings. They welcome newcomers.




Loving the Short Story 
Day/Time  Thursday 1:30-2:50 
Location C-106
Session 12 weeks 9/14-12/7
Class Limit Limit: 25

The students will discuss two stories at each session, sharing ideas and perceptions to enhance the understanding of the readings. The text for this course will be The Best American Short Stories 2016 edited by Junot Diaz. The assignment for the first class: Please read the Introduction, Apollo by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Garments by Tahmima Anam.

Coordinator: Sheryl Lajoie and Elizabeth Moylan

Sheryl has led this class for many years and thoroughly enjoys reading, analyzing the stories and gaining amazing insights from class participants. Betty shares the love of short stories and is a valuable asset to the short story discussions.




Women in Literature 
Day/Time  Wednesday 12:00-1:20 
Location C-115
Session 12 weeks 9/13-12/6
Class Limit Limit: 25

This is a continuation of the reading and discussion courses offered in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 which focused on the connectedness of self and story in the autobiographical poems, stories, and essays written by 20th century American women writers. The text is Writing Womens Lives: An Anthology of Autobiographical Narratives by Twentieth-Century American Women Writers (edited by Susan Cahill). It can be purchased at and other used textbook sites online. The authors and readings will be different from those studied in the earlier courses. Please read the Introduction and bring the text to the first class.

Coordinator: Elaine Horne

Elaine is a retired Professor of English and English Department Chair from Manchester Community College in CT where she taught full time for 19 years. Prior to that, she was an adjunct professor at Central Connecticut State University and Greater Hartford Community College.