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How Philosophy Can Save Your Life 
Day/Time  Monday 1:30-2:50 
Location C-106
Session12 weeks 9/10
Limit: 25

This is a reading discussion class based on the book How Philsophy Can Save Your Life, by Marietta McCarty. We will read the book's ten chapters on Simplicity, Communication, Perspective, Flexibility, Empathy, Individuality, Belonging, Serenity, Possibility and Joy and explore each topic and its significance. We will also discuss two well-known philosophers whose work lends itself to an investigation of a particular idea. Please read the Welcome section of the text for the first class.

Coordinator: Claire Briand

Claire is a retired speech language pathologist with a lifelong interest in philosophy.




Introduction to Nichiren Buddhism 
Day/Time  Friday 9:00-10:20 
Location C-115
SessionFirst 6 weeks 9/14
Limit: 20

Let us explore this invigorating teaching of hope, victory and personal discovery. We will delve deeper into our interconnectedness with all life and how to tap the enlightened nature we already possess. We will see how these profound Buddhist teachings can enrich our daily lives. It is suitable as an introductory class for first-timers and also as a Part 2 of the Introduction to Nichiren Buddhism course taught for the last six years. The Buddha in Your Mirror can be read as a companion piece to the course, although it is not required.

Coordinator: Susan Whalley and Steve Piontek

Susan, a retired school counselor, has been a practicing Nichiren Buddhist for over 40 years. Steve is a retired magazine editor and also has been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for over 40 years.