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Sports Talk - Hot Stove League 
Day/Time Thursday 10:30-11:50 
Session12 weeks 2/2-4/27
Class Limit25

We welcome knowledgeable sports fans to come together to discuss sports in general with a greater emphasis on those sports which are in season. Occasional special guests bring and share their unique experience and background with the class.

Coordinator Bob Clever and Alan Dewar 


Both Bob and Alan were teachers and sports fans. Alan, a native of New England, and Bob, from the Chicago area, each bring a different perspective and experience to the discussions.




ALL 368  
The Sports Huddle   
Day/Time  Wednesday 10:45-12:15 
Location Mashpee Senior Center
Session 12 weeks (2/1-4/26)
Class Limit 25

Discussion of sports-related issues from high school to professional levels.Focus will be on Boston area and Cape Cod expanding to national and world, where applicable. Participants in the class will share based on their opinions and knowledge of the topics.

Coordinators:  Barry Cohen and Irwin Rubin 


Barry brings a NY/Metro slant to New England sports. A graduate of Rutgers University, he particularly enjoys talking about college sports and their impact on the professional level.  Irwin has been a lifelong fan of all New England sports from high school through the professional level. He is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he played football under some of the most notable coaches in the nation. Irwin leads the sports discussion with humor and knowledge.