Great Decisions

 ALL1293-C     First 6 Weeks      Thursdays 10:30-11:50     Start Date 14-Sept
Grossman 106        Limit 25

Great Decisions is a political discussion course based on the 2023 Briefing Book published by The Foreign Policy Association ( There are 8 topics listed for discussion, with each having approximately a 20-minute video. Given the six-week course length, we will probably be able to fully discuss half of the topics at best. Our format will be to watch the video, discuss both the video and the Briefing Book for the balance of the class as well as the whole of the following week’s class. Possible topics include Energy Geopolitics, War Crimes, (Russia-Ukraine), China and the U.S. Economic Warfare, Politics in Latin America, Global Famine, Iran at a Crossroads and Climate Migration.

Text: 2023 Briefing Book from Foreign Policy Association( The Briefing Book is a must for this course $35 from FPA or $25 from Amazon Kindle. (not as complete, but sufficient)

Assignment: Climate climate change accelerates and rising seas and drought become more common, millions of people must uproot themselves and seek safety elsewhere..key questions how and where. David and I will make recommendations on future topics subject to a class vote. (kind of a democracy)

Coordinator: Paul Arnold
Paul Arnold is a past ALL President and generally teaches political discussion courses. He looks forward to a stimulating class, filled with very bright, educated ALL members.

Coordinator: David Gilliland
David is a Naval Academy graduate, a pilot who retired from Delta Airlines after 33 years of service with a strong interest in history and current events. He has very much enjoyed ALL classes and looks forward to co coordinating this class.