Hannah Arendt

ALL1309-C       First 6 Weeks     Thursdays 9:00-10:20     Start Date 14-Sept
Grossman 106        Limit 18

This course will discuss the life and works of Hannah Arendt. Hannah was a young German/Jewish philosopher who escaped the holocaust and came to the U.S. She became one of the most prominent political philosophers in the world and left a legacy of important works including “The Origins of Totalitarianism”, “The Human Condition”and “Eichmann in Jerusalem”. A fractured world needs her insights today. This will not be a lecture but a discussion course utilizing a few chapters each week of the book “Hannah Arendt” by Samantha Rose Hill.

Text:  Hannah Arendt by Samantha Rose Hill   (Part of the Critical Lives Series)

Coordinator: David Mulligan   

Dave Mulligan has been teaching at ALL for about 10 years.
His background includes being a missionary in Bolivia, Commissioner of MA Dept of Public Health, and a Professor at Stonehill College.