15 Challenges of the Future

ALL999-HC     Second 6 Weeks      Wednesdays 9:00-10:20     Start Date 11-Oct
Grossman 115      Limit 18

ALL999-HZ     Second 6 Weeks      Wednesdays 9:00-10:20     Start Date 11-Oct
Zoom      Limit 10

Based upon the think tank, The Millennium Project, program of the 15 Global Challenges, each session focuses upon one of the challenges: the environment, global water, population growth, the internet, democracy, economies, health, women, war and peace, education, energy, crime, science and technology and global ethics. These topics will include a data base for conversation about how we can create a healthy futures plan for the challenge. Go to millennium-project.org.15 Global Challenges for a brief summary of each challenge.

Text: Millennium-Project.org. 15 Challenges   Go to the Short Free Version of each challenge.

Coordinator: Tom Murphy

Tom has worked with The Millennium Project, a think tank in Washington, DC, as an education associate for 20 years. As a physician, he has edited the ‘Challenge on Global Health,’ and has taught these challenges in the high schools of Washington, DC and, at various times, as a lecturer in Vancouver and Toronto in Canada.