Aging, Philosophy and a Changing Perspective

ALL1321-C      First 6 Weeks      Monday 3:00-4:20     Start Date     9-Sep
Grossman 115       Limit 20

Do we live in a time where aging can be an expansion versus a decline of life? This class says, “Yes!”  Individuals labeled senior citizens are living engaged lives, some into their 80s and 90s. How might a different outlook on the philosophy of life reveal a better older age for you? The class will explore the topics of ageism, philosophy, elderhood, and quality of life that affect the bounty of older life. With a focus on one’s moral agency, you will be challenged to explore just what older age means for you. What defines leading a good life, with and for others, according to your highest aspirations as a participating member of society? Participants will be invited to share their views of aging along with aspirations and concerns at this time of life. Suggested readings will be provided.

Coordinator: Maggie French

Maggie is a life coach and emerging crone. She was a financial executive in manufacturing and health care for 25 years, followed by a decade as a certified life coach in personal and professional development. The study of philosophy, its changing nature and impact on the values of aging in our society provide Maggie with an enhanced perspective of her life as she enters elderhood.