Beginning Tai Chi

ALL1338-Z     12 Weeks     Wednesdays     9:00am-10:20am    Start Date 11-Sep
Zoom      Limit 12

We will start by learning a short choreographed 10-movement “form.” Along with movement, we’ll delve into Chinese culture and the history of this art and how we can use parts of what was once the most feared and lethal method of fighting in China to promote and to extend wellness. The short (about three-minute) forms can be used at home to relieve stress, insomnia and as low impact exercises to aid in strengthening flexibility, strength and balance. All that is required is comfortable clothing, a space about six feet wide and four feet deep. But be aware, one never learns Tai Chi; it is a continuing journey to extending the quality of life.

Coordinator: Bill Mikulewicz 

When he retired, fearful of becoming a couch potato like his father, Bill started studying Tai Chi and became addicted. He has been learning Tai Chi for 12 years, and teaching it the last seven. He is certified to teach the hand form of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, one of the five historic schools recognized in China.