Beyond Red or White: The Value vs Plonk Edition

ALL1391-HC     First 6 Weeks     Monday 3:00-4:20     Start Date 09-Sep
Grossman  115       Limit 20
ALL1391-HZ     First 6 Weeks     Monday 3:00-4:20     Start Date 09-Sep
Zoom     Limit 25

It is pretty easy to find an excellent bottle of wine when you’re spending $100 or $1,000. That is not what this course is about! We are going to explore how and where to find great values and fantastic wines – and we are going to do it for $20 or less for a bottle. You will get some insights and tips on the how and why that professionals use to seek out great value and under-discovered gems. There will be information on key “value” regions and “value” varietals as well as an optional at-home weekly tasting challenge with follow-up group discussion. No prior knowledge is needed. This is a fun, relaxed course. You will never worry about whether that next bottle for less than $20 is plonk again! For the first class, bring (optional) a list of your two favorite whites and two favorite reds ($20 maximum retail)!

Assignment: Bring (optional) a list of your favorite two white and your favorite two reds to the first class. $20 maximum retail!

Coordinator: Ron Fernandes
Ron is a highly regarded consultant in the wine and spirits industry. He loves sharing his industry knowledge in a relaxed and humorous way to vanquish the unnecessary aura and mystique that can surround both wine and spirits.