Coping Skills for Caregivers

ALL1397-Z      Second 6 Weeks     Tuesday 12:00-1:20     Start Date 22-Oct
Zoom         Limit 10

This class consists of teaching self-care and mindfulness skills to people experiencing stress from caretaking responsibilities. This is not a therapy group, so individuals experiencing significant distress such as severe anxiety of depression, should seek a referral for psychotherapy from their primary care doctor or from the Psychology Today referral service. It is the intention of this class to teach and promote the practices of self-care, self-compassion as well as related strategies to alleviate stress. People should respect each other’s privacy; confidentiality cannot be guaranteed outside of class.

Coordinator: Leslie Dealy 

Leslie is a recently retired social worker. During her 35-year career, she focused on treating clients with anxiety and depression. One of the most effective techniques was the use of mindfulness, helping clients to stay present in the moment. Leslie is an active and compassionate person. She has been involved in a variety of types of volunteer work and seeks to give back to the community. She has found ALL classes to be very stimulating and believes they foster community.

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