How Best to Adapt to an Increasingly Complex World

ALL1393-C     First 6 Weeks     Monday 1:30-2:50     Start Date 9-Sep
Grossman 115     Limit 25

It seems that life is getting steadily more complicated in a multitude of ways – paying bills, avoiding scams, buying the right brand, dealing with technology, choosing a church to attend, deciding on the right vacation, handling family matters, etc. The list goes on and on. You can’t change the world, but you can get yourself better adapted to its funky ways. Develop your own individual pathway to your best life. Understand and use your brain’s habit-forming abilities and organizational talents to the fullest. Our discussions will give you lots of new ideas and things that have worked well for others.

Coordinator: Don Ellicott
Don has taught courses at ALL for many years in subjects such as psychology, neurology, history and human interest. This course will be largely discussion based and will be aimed at encouraging each class member to come up with a solution tailored to his/her individual needs.