How to Read a Movie

ALL1368-Z     12 Weeks     Mondays 1:30-2:50    Start Date 9-Sep
Zoom     Limit 35

This is a new edition of a previous course and will cover different films. Each week, we will watch and discuss a different film and one particular craft of each film (script, cinematography, editing, mise en scène, acting, etc.) and “read” how that particular craft enhances the film’s overall quality. The chosen films will be deliberately familiar for an easier grasp (reading) of how each craft works. A complete program of all 12 films will be emailed after the first class. Please watch High Noon (1952), directed by Fred Zinnemann.

Please watch “High Noon” (1952), Fred Zinnemann, Director
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Coordinator: Joseph Gonzalez    

Joe ‘s background is in publishing and 36 years in film writing and script supervision on set, as well as a Spanish coach. He holds a BA in English Literature from Rutgers University, a Masters in Spanish from Montclair State University and has studied filmmaking at The New School for Social Research in NY.

Enjoy an interview with Joe Gonzalez here.