Introduction to Chess

ALL1352-C     Second 6 Weeks      Monday 10:30-11:50           Start Date 28-Oct
Grossman 106          Limit 24

Chess is an exciting, engrossing game of strategy and skill which is played by hundreds of millions around the world and has been in existence for some 1500 years. Anyone can learn to play and have fun doing it. Come join us as we look to make the game readily accessible. No prior experience with chess is needed. When grandkids want to play, you’ll be ready! Classes will be very interactive – a combination of teaching and game play. Participants are asked to bring a chess set to class.

Coordinator: Larry Pincus
Larry is a retired physician who has become an avid chess player in retirement.

Coordinator: John Heneghan
John Heneghan is a retired IT professional who likewise has gravitated strongly to the game in retirement.