Introduction to Nichiren Buddhism

ALL866-C     Second 6 Weeks     Thursday 10:30-11:50      Start Date 24-Oct
Grossman 106    Limit 20

Through the profound Buddhist teachings of hope, victory and personal discovery, we will delve deeply into our interconnectedness with all life and tap into the enlightened nature we already possess. This is suitable as an introductory class for first timers and also as a second part of the Introduction to Nichiren Buddhism course taught for the last several years.
TEXT:  The course text, The Buddha in Your Mirror, can be read as a companion piece to the course, but it is not required.

Coordinator:  Susan Whalley   

Susan, a retired school counselor, has been a practicing Nichiren Buddhist for 50 years.

Coordinator:  Steve Piontek   

Steve, a retired magazine editor who also teaches ALL courses about opera, has also been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for over 50 years.