Lessons From History

ALL1361-Z       12 Weeks     Tuesdays 9:00-10:20     Start Date Sep 10
Zoom     Limit 35

Learning from history is something Americans have never been good at but need to pay attention to. Some of the weekly topics in this course will be: Imperial overstretch as described by Paul Kennedy; Mayan collapse from overtaxing their environment; Huey Long as a warning from American populism; Pandemics and their effect; Walls as porous barriers; Institutional crumbling; The democracy of the Iroquois confederation and the Madison-Jefferson debate over minority vs. majority rule; and China’s view of itself as the center of the world.

Coordinator: Stew Goodwin.

Stew has been a coordinator at ALL for over 15 years teaching a variety of courses. Prior to moving to the Cape full time in 1989, he spent 35 years in the international investment business headquartered in New York City. After moving to the Cape, Stew has been involved in a number of nonprofit and governmental organizations.



Video Presentations by Stew Goodwin

“The New Middle Ages” March 2022 

“Putin and Xi: Past Their Peak?” February 2023

“Middle East Update”    February 2024