Let’s Read Science Times Together

ALL1383-Z     First 6 Weeks     Monday 9:00-10:20     Start Date 9-Sep
Zoom     Limit 25

When the first issue of the Science section of the The New York Times appeared in 1978, I was teaching science to eighth graders. Reading the Science Times each week became a homework assignment. Students’ parents were also hooked. I have been reading it ever since. Let’s read it together! Each week, we will read the previous week’s publication and discuss articles on the many wonders of science. The Tuesday edition of The New York Times is required for this class. Each Thursday, you will be notified about which articles to read for the following Monday’s class discussion.

Coordinator: Patricia McKean   

Pat has taught many classes at ALL, including how to teach science and math using children’s literature, understanding climate change and, most recently, a history course. She co-chairs the Sandwich Public Library Book Group. She is a manuscript reviewer for the NSTA journal Science and Children.