Loving the Short Story

 ALL055-Z     12 Weeks        Thursdays     1:30-2:50       Start Date 12-Sep
Zoom     Limit 25

Students will discuss two stories at each session, sharing ideas and perceptions to enhance the understanding of the readings. The new text for the fall semester will be The Best American Short Stories 2023, edited by Min Jin Lee.

Text: The Best American Short Stories 2023 edited by Min Jin Lee.

Coordinator:  Sheryl Lajoie   

Sheryl has led this class for many years and thoroughly enjoys analyzing the stories and gaining insights from class participants.

Coordinator:  Deb Selkow

Deb is a retired English teacher who has spent her life reading, writing and watching stories unfold. A long-time class participant, she loves to share story talk with others; sometimes it teaches her how to be in a complicated world.