Photography Using a Smartphone

ALL1379-C     12 Weeks     Mondays 12:00-1:20     Start Date 9-Sep
Grossman 106      Limit 15

This course will introduce the basics of photography, like composition, focus and exposure, using the touchscreen of a smartphone. We will cover how to edit images using the software provided by the manufacturer, useful apps to aide our photography, and where to display excellent imagery online, social media, and in our community. Videos and photography will be used in class to aid our understanding. Weekly assignments and review of our images will be part of class discussions. is an online social media website for photographers to receive instant feedback on their images by other members. Please familiarize yourself with pixoto by doing an internet search for Daniel Gorman pixoto. Use the Leaderboard tab to look at images in the different categories and explore the other tabs as well. If you are comfortable, consider joining pixoto, as this will help the class run smoothly.

Assignment: Please write a paragraph describing what you hope to achieve in class. This will help me tailor the class toward your goals and interest.

Coordinator: Daniel Gorman
Daniel has been published in two books: Upper Cape Cod: A Photographic Portrait, and Mid & Lower Cape Cod: A Photographic Portrait. In 2012 and 2014, the Photographic Society of Rhode Island accepted Daniel’s pictures for its Ocean State International Exhibit. Daniel has won 20 awards at the Barnstable County Fair including Best in Show. Daniel’s recent imagery can be found at