Robert Schumann and friends

ALL1395-Z     12 Weeks     Wednesday 3:00-4:20     Start Date 11-Sep
Zoom        Limit 25

The early deaths of Beethoven in 1827 and Schubert in 1828 tore a hole in the fabric of Western classical music as the Romantic era was still taking shape. Who could pick up where they left off? Possibilities included Hector Berlioz (born 1803), Felix Mendelssohn (born 1809), Frederic Chopin (born 1810), Franz Liszt (born 1811), and Richard Wagner (born 1813). Nestled among these was Robert Schumann (born 1810)—a gifted composer and writer who knew his fellow luminaries and was in contact with several of them. Yet Schumann can be hard for modern listeners to grasp despite (and in part because of) his vast output of easily accessible salon music. This course will draw on performance videos to view him in relation to his peers in a time of great political, social and musical ferment.

Coordinator: John Temple

John is a retired business writer, lifelong listener, long-ago concert reviewer, an instrument kit builder, and a long-term Barnstable Village resident. He has taught many courses on music at ALL.