Sample a New Leisure Activity

ALL1329-C      First 6 Weeks      Mondays 1:30-2:50    Start Date 9-Sep
Grossman 106      Limit 20

Whether you are looking for relief from stress or an outlet for boredom – or just need a change of pace, this course can help you find your new passion. In this third semester, we will continue to inspire and motivate you with a sampling of activities; for example: growing African violets, mushroom identification, chair yoga, earth box gardening, Mah-Jongg, chess, and learning about chocolate. We will provide any equipment you might need. Please come to relax and have fun!

Coordinator: Patricia McKean   

Pat has taught many classes at ALL, including how to teach science courses using children’s literature and, most recently, a history course. She will be moderating this class.