The Constitution Project – Sections A and B

Section A
ALL1388-C     First 6 Weeks     Wednesday 3:00-4:20     Start Date 11-Sep
Grossman 106     Limit 25
Section B
ALL1389-C     Second 6 Weeks     Wednesday 3:00-4:20     Start Date 23-Oct
Grossman 106     Limit 25

The election looms large on everyone’s horizon. Let’s not get tangled up in the national argument but ask ourselves what kind of government we would like to see. Participants will be asked to select from a menu of constitutional issues and offer alternative language and ideas. Who on the political spectrum would support your ideas and why? Who on the spectrum would object and why? You will each write the language of your constitutional amendment on the board and pitch it to the rest of the class. We will bring it to a discussion and, if the class agrees, vote as an ALL Constitutional Convention. You can work in teams and if you do not wish to offer an amendment, you are welcome to participate in our discussions and vote.

Coordinator: Lawrence Brown   

Larry has been a teacher for 46 years and a columnist for the Cape Cod Times for 36. He has spent decades teaching geography, ancient history, American history and public speaking.