The Doc Is IN

ALL433-C     Second 6 Weeks     Friday 1:30-4:20   Start Date 25-Oct
Wilkens Library Media Center     Limit 25

These are not your mother’s documentaries. Today’s docs inspire, educate, elucidate and entertain. They have become so popular that there are entire film festivals devoted to them and they are the intellectual darlings of Sundance. We screen docs on subjects as diverse as the arts, environment, science and politics, and from whimsical to sobering. Discussions are lively with opinions encompassing diverse points of view.

Coordinator:  Lili Seely
Lili discovered fine film in her teens and has been in pursuit of “the great ones” ever since. She has worked or volunteered at many film festivals, including numerous month-long stints at Sundance Film Festival, and is passionate about film as an artistic medium.