Becoming America Section A

ALL1358-C     First 6 Weeks     Wednesdays 3:00-4:20         Start Date 31-Jan
Grossman 106            Limit 25

In these six sessions, we will strive to better understand how we became the nation we are today. We will discuss the following topics: the “First People” and their legacy; the colonial heritage; slavery and its enduring impact; pioneering the arts of self-government and its limitations; becoming an industrial, cultural and military colossus; and the struggle for economic justice. We will uncover the essential arguments America has always had in finding our way and defining ourselves.

Coordinator:   Lawrence Brown   
Larry was a humanities teacher at Cape Cod Academy for 34 years, at ALL for five years and a columnist for the Cape Cod Times for 37. He has published five books, including a text on Hindu theology and a World Geography textbook. He has also been a teacher of American history.