Butterflies Across Cape Cod

 ALL1265-C      Second 6 Weeks          Start Date 21-Mar     Thursdays 10:30-11:50
Grossman 115     Limit 15

In this course, we will identify butterfly species that are found on Cape Cod and use a PowerPoint presentation to look at the identifying characteristics, anatomy and life stages of butterflies. We will explore the relationship between butterflies and plants that will guide us in finding habitat that supports the various species. We will also suggest publicly accessible places to find butterflies and discuss habitat rehabilitation and how to invite butterflies into our neighborhoods and yards.

Coordinator: Joe Dwelly   
Joe has surveyed for butterflies across Cape Cod since 2011 and has established a database of species and species density. A member of the Massachusetts Butterfly Club, a chapter of the North American Butterfly Association (NABA), Joe has led NABA July counts and field walks and has served as a regional coordinator for the eButterfly database.