Great Decisions Classroom

 ALL1293-C     First 6 Weeks      Thursdays 10:30-11:50     Start Date 1-Feb
Grossman 106         Limit 25

Great Decisions is a political discussion course based on the 2024 Briefing Book published in November 2023 by the Foreign Policy Association ( There will be eight topics listed for discussion of which we will choose six, given our six-week format. There will be a short video for each subject at the beginning of each class. Outside source materials, newspapers, magazines, etc. are encouraged and very welcome. The issues are generally fairly complex but do lend themselves to discussion, if not solutions. That being said, your facilitators are always hopeful. The 2024 Briefing Book is a must for this course, $35.00 from or $25.00 from Amazon Kindle. As of this submission, it is unavailable from libraries or other sources.

Text: 2024 Briefing Book from Foreign Policy Association( The Briefing Book is a must for this course $35 from FPA or $25 from Amazon Kindle.


Coordinator: Paul Arnold   
Paul Arnold is a past ALL President and generally teaches political discussion courses. He looks forward to a stimulating class, filled with bright ALL members.

Coordinator: David Gilliland   
David is a Naval Academy graduate who recently retired as a Delta Airlines pilot. This will be his second time co-coordinating the Great Decisions course.