Jazz Fundamentals

ALL813-C     12 Weeks     Fridays 3:00-4:20   Start Date 2-Feb
Grossman  115          Limit 25

What is this thing called “jazz”? Our goal is to help you develop a deeper understanding of America’s original art form, jazz, so you can fully enjoy listening to recordings and watching live performances. Lectures and class discussions will cover its origins, cultural context, theory, evolution, stylistic periods and influential contributors. We will spend a large portion of class time listening to significant recordings and watching videos.

Coordinator: Greg Polanik 
A semi-professional musician by night, Greg has over 50 years of performance experience. He has formally studied music theory, jazz history, jazz improvisation and musical acoustics, and has spent many nights in the jazz clubs of St. Louis.

Coordinator:  Corina Iukovici 
Corina shares Greg’s love of jazz. She co-coordinated previous editions of this class, as well as their Música Cubana course.