Let’s Talk About Food II

ALL1070-C     Second 6 Weeks     Tuesdays 10:30-11:50        Start Date 19-March
Grossman 106        Limit 25


Our food practices here are a result of waves of immigration, the challenges those immigrants faced, their foodways, and the interaction of what was already here and what could be grown, imported or produced. This course will explore the waves of immigration, the challenges they faced and where and how they made their way into enriching the American diet. For the last class, we will meet that evening in my home to share a meal. Everyone will be expected to contribute a dish that either represents their own heritage or the ethnic food they most enjoy eating.

Coordinator: Marilyn Nouri 
This is the second course taught by Marilyn on foodways, a topic of increased interest in the social sciences. She also enjoys cooking new and varied recipes. A retired professor of Sociology from SUNY Oneonta, she has coordinated many classes on a variety of social science topics for ALL.