ALL1318-Z     12 Weeks     Wednesdays 3:00-4:20     Start Date 13-Sept
Zoom       Limit 25

Early in the 20th century Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) was venerated as a conductor but often dismissed as a composer, and he didn’t help matters by famously declaring, “My time will come.” In hindsight, of course, he was right: today his music looms large in concert halls around the world. An ALL course of 12 classes provides a perfect opportunity to see and hear Mahler symphonies #1-9 in sequence, together with his major songs and song cycles, in inspiring video performances. In between we’ll explore his extraordinary life and times, including through recorded reminiscences of celebrated musicians who played under him.

Coordinator: John Temple

John is a retired business writer, lifelong listener, long-ago music critic and 20-year Barnstable Village resident. This will be his twelfth ALL course, and like the others it will focus on a relatively narrow area within the world of classical music. Prior examples have ranged from specific genres (chamber music, choral works, Mozart piano concertos) to topics that cross categories (nationalism in music, music of liberation, music of the 1930s, etc.).