Six Men Who Shaped the American Revolution

ALL1306-Z    Second 6 Weeks      Wednesdays 10:30-11:50       Start Date 25-Oct
Zoom      Limit  25

We all have images in our minds of men, both celebrated and despised, who were the key figures in the founding of our country.  But what were they really like?  And how large a role did each of them play in the onset, progression and outcome of the revolution?  We will consider six individuals who did play central roles in the birth of America:: Samuel Adams (the revolutionary), John Adams (the advocate), Benjamin Franklin (the diplomat), Thomas Jefferson (the visionary), Benedict Arnold (the hero turned traitor), and George Washington (the commander).  As we do so, we will consider the key events in which they each took their turns on center stage.

Coordinator:  Russell Leng   

Russ Leng is a retired political science professor from Middlebury College. He has taught several previous courses at ALL, which have been on topics in international history, war, and diplomacy. He currently resides in Middlebury, Vermont.