Stories From Afar

 ALL1354-C     First 6 Weeks          Start Date 29-Jan     Mondays 9:00-10:20                     
 Grossman 115             Limit 20

In this class, we will tell stories about living outside the US, and compare and contrast cultures. You will be asked to compare and contrast the culture of one country where you have lived to the culture of New England. You may discuss anything that strikes your fancy, such as: food, clothing, language, history, geography, cities, towns and villages, housing, religions, traditions and rituals, holidays, work experience, special sights and activities, and building local friendships.

Coordinator: David Darling 
David and wife, Carol, moved to Cape Cod in September of 2008 after being away from Massachusetts 34 years. They were Peace Corps volunteers in Botswana in the early 1970s. David earned a Ph.D. from the Department of Agricultural Economics at The Ohio State University. Next, he took a job at Kansas State University and spent the majority of his professional career working in the KSU Research an Extension Service as a state extension specialist in community economic development. He retired in 2005 with the rank of professor.

Coordinator: Carol Darling
Carol is a Cape Cod native, a graduate of Barnstable High School and the University of Massachusetts. Carol and David have lived and worked in Botswana, Poland, and Canada. They have also traveled extensively.