The Art of Discussion Section B

ALL1123-C     Second 6Weeks     Wednesdays 12:00-1:20     Start Date 20-Mar   
Grossman 115         Limit 20     

Needed: more full and fulfilling discussions with people “not like us.”  Too often conversations end prematurely or abruptly.  Since this course was last offered culture appears to be even more dysfunctional.  What can we do, what can we say, to build better social bonds?  Art of Discussion looks at general communication principles, the role of reason, and the role of emotion.  A glossary of terms and specific class material to be sent out each week.  Time is allotted for practice in class-determined areas: philosophy, morality, politics or religion.

Coordinator: Rob Swanson
Rob is a retired pastor and missionary.  He is an author and lifelong leader in communication and media.