Writing Incubator

ALL780-Z      12 Weeks      Thursdays 3:00-4:20    Start Date 1-Feb
Zoom     Limit 15

Do you write?  Just beginning? Or for many years now?  This long-standing ALL class offers writers a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere to deepen their writing habits through weekly reading, critique, and discussion of developing writing skills.  Essay, novel, or poetry – whatever your genre, sharing your work will advance your writing style and deepen the growth and knowledge of your writing skills.

Coordinator: Maggie French
Maggie – Life Coach and Emerging Crone – was a financial executive in manufacturing and health care for 25 years, followed by a decade as a certified life coach in personal and professional development. The study of philosophy, its changing nature, and its impact on the values of aging in our society provide her with a personal perspective of life as she enters her 70th year.

Coordinator: Mary Lou Heintz
Mary Lou is a retired psychologist and long-time field naturalist who has been part of the writing Incubator for several years, writing about nature history and travel. She was a judge for The Golden Crown Literary Society for several years.