Your Missing Manual

 ALL1322-C     12 Weeks      Wednesdays 10:30-11:50     Start Date 13-Sept
Grossman 106        Limit 25

Your car’s manual is probably hundreds of pages long. Imagine if you were to purchase an even more complicated object and it arrived—you guessed it—with no manual. The truth is, you already possess one such complex object: your human brain. This course will cover, mostly in plain English, a collection of topics that can comprise your brain’s “missing manual.” Topics we will cover: the self, thinking, multi-tasking, habits, remembering, imagining, emotions, values (plus others).

Coordinator: Don Ellicott

I have studied psychology and neurology for some years now and have taught several courses at ALL in these fields (in addition to courses in other fields). Prior to all of that, I had a teaching career in the field of history (down in New Jersey).